Masjid Reopen for Asr & Maghrib

Daily ‘asr salaah and maghrib salaah at TARIC will begin on July 1, 2020.


Please read the following COVID- 19 guidelines as your cooperation and patience are needed for everyone’s safety and wellbeing, and for an overall success, in shaa Allaah.

Attendance will be by on-site registration for each salaah. Entry will depend on pre-COVID screening and a valid government photo ID.

Asr iqamah time: 06:55 pm

Maghrib iqamah time: 09:06 pm  

The Masjid’s doors will open 15 minutes before each iqamah salaah (above) and will be closed 5 minutes before the iqamah time (above).

The Masjid will be closed immediately after the fard salaah. Pray your sunnahs at home.

Each attendee must have wudu, wear a face mask and socks; bring a prayer mat (no sharing) and a reusable bag for shoes.

There’s absolutely no access to wudu areas, washrooms and fountains; for health reasons, these are all closed. 

Health recommendations strongly advise that children under 14 years and adults over 60 years with immune compromised health conditions, DO NOT ATTEND.